1. I would like to exhibit my work at the Museum. What should I do to be considered for exhibition?
First of all, we are flattered that you want to show your work at our Museum. If you would like to submit work or an exhibition proposal, please send us an email with a description of your work, with a link so that we can view images/videos online. Do not send images directly, because there is a risk that your email will be interpreted as spam! Please email your submission to:
Due to the large number of submissions, it may take a while for our staff to to review your materials.

2. Is it possible for me to guest lecture lecture at the Museum?
We love lectures! As with the previous question, send an email with your resumé, references and a description of what you would like to talk about.
Please email your submission to:

3. When is the Gift Shop open?
The Gift Shop is open during all Museum hours.

4. When is the Café open?
The Café is open during all Museum hours.

5. Is the Museum on Facebook?
Of course we are! Just go to the Museum in a Shoebox Facebook page.

6. How many people work at the Museum?
Approximately 100 full-time staff members and 200 volunteers work in the Museum.

7. Does the Museum offer any internships?
No, unfortunately not.

8. How long has the Museum been around?
It opened May 1, 2009.

9. I am a journalist, and would like to get hold of a press kit and images. Please help me!
Contact the Press Office for assistance:

10. How can I get the latest Museum news?
Sign up for the Museum's monthly newsletter and you will get the latest news delivered directly to your inbox. Send an email to:

11. Does the Gift Shop have an online store?
No, not yet...

12. Who designed the Museum building?
The Museum was designed by famed architect Aleksandr Kuznetsov.

13. Who designed the Museum logo?
The logo was created by Ateljé Altmann.