August 13 - October 27, 2009

On a hot summer's day, it is difficult to imagine frozen lakes and snow covered streets. Six months later, it is just as difficult to imagine leaves on trees. And so it goes. Seasons affect our lives and memories in so many ways that they deserve a major exhibition at the Museum in a Shoebox!

The exhibition "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall" shows how seasons have been depicted in art and literature in various countries and cultures around the world. Be mesmerized by the golden age of landscape painting. Explore the different incarnations of Jack Frost. The exhibition also presents historical, social and scientific aspects on the subject. Did you know...

* In some regions, the year is divided into two seasons (rainy and dry). Other regions have as many as six seasons in a year.

* A flyway is a flightpath for migratory birds. There are eight major flyways. These routes span over oceans and/or continents.

* Due to global warming, the Earth's seasons have shifted back in the calendar year. The hottest and coldest days of the year occur almost two days earlier.

* Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" concertos are one of the earliest examples of program music. Program music is a musical composition that depicts a story, scene or emotion.

The biggest part of the exhibition is the installation "Bonsai Meadow" by renown landscape artist Melodie Lefèvre. In the middle of the giant exhibition hall you can walk through a field of bonsai trees that represent the different seasons, from the light green leaves of spring to white blossoms mimicking a heavy blanket of snow. Walk through the knee-high forest and within minutes you will experience the passage of seasons. Or, stand in one place and think of your fondest memories...