October 28 - January 3, 2010

Between the walls and underneath our floorboards there are thriving societies that have their own rules and norms. This major exhibition explores the other societies going on parallel to ours and offers a different way to look at the world. It is also a celebration of the overlooked and unwanted aspects of modern life.

For instance, the exhibition looks at the security wall under construction along the United States' border with Mexico, and its impact on the wildlife. Several critically endangered species that move between the two countries are likely to be negatively affected.

Did you know...

*In New York City there is one rat for every thirty-six people.

*Iceland's Public Roads Administration sometimes delays or reroutes road construction to avoid what locals believe are elf habitats.

*Carrier pigeons follow man-made structures, such as highways and railways, during their trips.

*Crows are able to imitate the human voice.

*There has been a dramatic rise in bedbug cases across the world. The most-cited reason for this is increased international travel.

As a part of the exhibition, British artist Fatima Hughes has built a giant deer in the middle of the city. If you lose your way in the big city you can look towards the 136 meters tall mammal, follow its gaze and always find the Museum in a Shoebox.