May 2 - August 12, 2009

Throughout the ages humans have looked towards the sky. The sky has served as the backdrop in many works of art, but now it is time for the sky to take center stage. 2009 is the year of the the sky. This major exhibition, presents the science and the history of the skies. For instance, did you know...

* In 1802 Luke Howard developed the basis for our cloud classification system.

* Air contains more water (4.5%) than the planet's rivers and lakes combined.

* Tornadoes can suck up animals into the air and deposit them miles away.

The exhibition also shows how skies have been depicted in art and litterature. There are alot of old paintings with golden frames on display. For over a year, the Museum has collected random polaroids picturing the sky. So far, the collection consists of more than 16 000 polaroids, which are all on display in the great exhibition hall.

Interesting fact: Recently the Museum conducted a survey of which polaroid the visitors liked the most. Eventhough it was difficult to find a clear winner, no one voted for "clear skies"...